Where is dubai?

Am considering traveling overseas and am interested in going on vacation to Dubai. Does anyone know where it is located?

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Dubai is great! Great place to spend your money. there are a thousand and one malls, yes there is something called ski dubai which is a man made ski lodge thingy [ sorry I can't explain any better] There are a whole load of beautiful beaches and then theres the famous burj al arab..check it out..large hotel in the middle of the sea with a revolving restaurant. Everything here is luxurious, you truly will enjoy it! Oh and you don't need to pay for a visa :)
Dubai is not filled with many arabs, contrary to popular belief. Every nationality exists here, though preference is given to white people..they are pretty racist. Either way, it's a great place,a home away from home!

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If you go I got one word of advice. . . . DUCK!

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its in Asia.. Middle East ... UAE '' United Arab Emarats''

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dubai is great. you wont regret going there. its beautiful. and the people are friendly.
tho its really hot..

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go to this website and i hope you will find what you want. Have a nice holiday :)

Burj Dubai and World Trade Center
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Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates which is a group of oil-rich Middle East states. Although it's national religion is Islam and it's national language is Arabic, the large number of Western xpatriates have given the place a very modern and liberal climate. It is a Mecca for the purchase of good quality and cheap electronic commodities such as I-pods and computers. In addition gold and other jewelry are inexpensive and the only (artificially created)snowskiing in the desert can be found here. The beaches are clear and clean and one can even swimduring the winter months. Finally the annual national sale takes place every summer and you can get a discount of up to 70% on your purchases.

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Its between Oman and Arabian Sea. Well the place where u can have best desert safaris, the world tallest building and yachts and the place of dhow cruises..Well dubai is the only place where U can have 1000 flavours of shisha and smoking bars

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