Do you agree that dubai is a beautiful city?

do you think that Dubai,
is very beautiful city
thats my opinion

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Of course it's more than beautiful :)

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I think that too
I saw a lot of pics of dubai

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I advice you to come and see it in a real you will like it more :)

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In comparison of what you are saying? if u are saying in comparison of NY, London, Paris then its not..Dubai have its own beauty as it has world tallest building, desert safaris, best dhow cruise dinners and yacht charters dubai.

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Yes Dubai Is the city of Gold I recently go Dubai sightseeing tours for spending my vacations
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I completely agree. Dubai is a very beautiful place. I am very glad that I chose this place to stay. The place is very large and full of color. So if you stay there just a couple of days - I advise you to rent a car. Just so you have time to visit many places and attractions. And (!) Thanks to the prices there - you can afford a big car.

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