Where did the language Latin come from?

Where did the language Latin come from?

Answer #1

it most likly cam from early eroupeas, because that is where most of latin was spoken.

-Crazy kid

Answer #2

from my bum

Answer #3

the latin languge came from ancheint rome

Answer #4

Albeit not spelled very nicely, the previous respondent is correct, Latin is partly a product of Ancient Rome. There’s a little more to it, though. The Romans used formal Latin and a spoken Latin called “Vulgar Latin” (meaning that it was of the common people; although spoken Latin did contain swear words like you’d find in any language of the common people, anywhere in the world). Greek was also spoken and written in Ancient Rome, mostly by the highly educated. Latin, itself, comes from Italic, an Indo-European lanugage subfamily called “Centum”. The area where “proto-Romans” lived before there was officially an Ancient Rome was called Latium,(meaning wide or flat land), just south of present-day Rome.

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