Where did God come from?

Where did God come from?

People try to disprove the big bang theory by asking where did all that energy come from? Well my question to people are opposed to the big bang, but believe in God, where did God come from? (And please no “he just was always there”)

Answer #1

God just says “I Am That I Am” leave it at that. Ask him when you go to heaven.

Answer #2

Moses asked the same question, and God answered him “I Am that I Am”

Answer #3

Pi (not pie) does have a start, it’s 3

Answer #4

god came from his mother.. the virgin Mary.. :)

Answer #5

I’m not sure that I could answer that, but shouldn’t the question be “Is there a God?” because of there is then who cares where He came from as long as you know He’s there.

Answer #6

He never came from anywhere, because there is no god as I dont believe in him :) lol … im a athiest and this is just what I believe.. I have nothing against people that do believe but this is just my opinon on the subject :p xx

Answer #7

I agree catlynn38, the voice of reason.

Answer #8

Wouldn’t this all be opinions anyways?

Answer #9

Virgin Mary didn’t have God, God created earth, you, and everything else. God created Mary so that Mary could give birth to Jesus so that Jesus could save us.

Answer #10

Either everything comes from something else, or something was just always there.

If the universe was just always there, then we can realize than nothing ever actually comes from anything. Matter and energy just contuniously change form within the otherwise constant universe.

Answer #11

You cant exempt the answer “he has always been there” because that IS the answer. If you are religous, you consider God an infinite subject, as in he has, is, and always will be there To religous people, thats like asking “Where did time and space come from?”

They have just always been there. thats it.

Answer #12

—I don’t think any religion really goes into where GOD comes from, but one can only imagine.—

Look again. Mormonism. Not advocating, but at least they try to offer an answer, one not all that unreasonable.

Me? I say a combination of that, and then to explain the infinite questions, quantum physics and an infinite understanding of them(since quantum physics truly are “trying to understand infinity”. Not the definition, but the concept).

Answer #13

Well, I believe in and love God because I look around and I know there is something bigger than myself, bigger than the human mind could comprehend. As a Christian, I believe that God is superior and if we could fully understand Him, then he would be just like a human.

Answer #14

The fact is that we as humans will never be able to know where God came from. It’s an question with no answer.

“You cant exempt the answer “he has always been there” because that IS the answer.”

No, it’s not. Again, it is a question without an answer. We will NEVER know in this life where God came from.

Answer #15

I really dont belive in him or any religion of that matter but if I did id say he came from a orb or a galaxie or somin but I guess we wont ever know untill you die

Answer #16

“Assuming all we use is that thing you call a Bible, and that alone,” he says under his breath.

The Bible, or as I like to say, the scriptures are guidelines for a way of life. Science, when applied with objectivity with no prior presuppositions, tends do do a good job at explaining everything else.

Answer #17

im a proud athiest, so I dont beleive in any god but if there was one, he didnt juwst poff out of nowere or always be here which is the only answer your going to get from religiouse people because they dont know there is no proof of were he came from or if hes real all there are are theories and hypothesis’s

Answer #18

No God did not come from the virgin Mary. Jesus did. Well first think of pie (the number) Pie never ends. Sure we round it to 3.14 but that is not it. It continues forever just as numbers themselves do. We have yet to define Pie. If you think of God as Pie , a being that has no end nor beginning, than is it possible that we cannot comprehend that infinite being? Something that has always been and always will be? Our finite minds can’t comprehend something that never ends.

Answer #19

Well, I ask you, define the reason to life in this reality. Because mos Christians don’t give us one. So we’re just play things for this infinite being, with no purpose whatsoever? Or perhaps we’re a social experiment?

You people forget that the Bible was written in a time when language wasn’t nearly as developed as it is now. They didn’t have half of the ways to express an idea as we do now. So for a society with no grasp on the scientific nature of the world, these things would seem that way.

Answer #20

That, my friend, is one of the great questions of life. I don’t think any religion really goes into where GOD comes from, but one can only imagine. It’s probably the one question no one will ever find out. Because then there is always another question following: well, if _ created God, what created that? So it just keeps going.

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