Where can you get shot that won't cause serious damage?

I was thinking, when I'm older, I'll want a gun in case of an emergency , you know?
But if I ever have to shoot, I don't want to kill anyone, or shoot them somewhere that will cause serious damage and impact their lives.
So where can you shoot someone, and it'll stop them or distract them, that won't kill or seriously injure them?

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You should get a bbgun. they don't hurt a lot and wont end up killing someone.

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thats difficult to say
as rarely will you have time to think about wree your going to shoot them to cause the least amount of damage
if you shoot there arm, you could ruin there chances of using that hand
if you shoot there leg, you can ruin there chances of being able to walk properly or at all
if you shoot there groin, you forever ruin there chances of having a child (wether they want one or not in the future you wont be able to tell)
but could also cause too much damage that they cant go to the toilet
if you shoot there stomatch, you could damage internal organs and kill them
if you shoot there head they almost certainly will die, same goes for there neck and spine which is on there back
so there isnt really a safe place
the easier spot would probably be the legs or arms,
that way there either cant run off or cant hold there weapon
its also a place were they can easily grab hold of the area and stop the blood loss

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If your life is truely in danger, it is unlikely you'll react calmly enough to think about where you're going to shoot someone, take aim, and actually hit it. Real life isn't like the movies.

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I knew a man that got shot in the leg with a .22 on accident it tore his femoral artery (very big and easy to hit artery) and he bled to death in around 5 mins so a shot to the leg has much greater than "low" chances of being fatal.

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the leg has plenty of major arteries so naw not the leg. but maybe the hand or foot. either way you can still die of blood loss

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Well, Id say in the leg because without the ability to walk, you have basically incapacitated the person without killing. About the arteries, the chances of death from a shot to the leg are pretty low. However, in an emergency situation, it would be very hard for you to be able to think about where you are aiming exactly because you will panic which is natural, so I think you should be more worried about your own safety first. To answer the "serious injury" part, I personally say that you will most likely not be able to think that much in a time of panic, but I'd say maybe the shoulder since...I don't really know, I just feel that would be the best spot to cause minimal future suffering.

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The kneecap or below but anywhere in the leg you have to worry about the femoral artery your best bet is to carry a weapon like the judge its a pistol with the capability to fire a .410 shotgun round. the load in the round is small enough to avoid causing a fatal wound from the right distance yet plenty heavy enough to change a mans way of thinking. a stomach shot with a .410 from 10ft or so might not kill a person. I don't know its risky, guns are meant for killing!!!

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u should go buy one of those hard bean bag bullets and that type of gun, you can really hurt them anywhere, but won't kill the person.
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I ment to say, THEY HURT A LOT!!!

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bbgun is good option

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