When you have sex at a young age do you suppose to regret it?

Hello. I am fourteen years old. I had sex with this seventeen year old. And I don’t regret having sex because the sex was very great! All my friends had sex and they regret it. Is I’m supposes to fell the same way?

Answer #1

No, it’s a PERSONAL choice. Just because they made a mistake and regret I doesn’t mean you have to. Your not going to live forever so why live with regrets. I lost mine at 13. I’m still with the guy and its going to be a year next month. I wouldn’t change anything. Don’t let those other people get to you darlin.

Answer #2

no you are only supose 2 b you you kan only b urself if you feel it was wrng dan daz your decision me I lost mine when I was 14 also and I don’t regret t one bit

Answer #3


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