When should a take a preg. Test

Ok I think im pregant maybe like 2 in a half weeks pregnant but I started my period but im having symptoms of it should I take a test after my period and if so how long should I wait to take it?

Answer #1

yes take a pregnancy test take it after your first missed period or after your period if you get it because women can be pregnant and still get there period the best time is in the morning when you first take a pee

Answer #2

I’m 54 and I’ve never heard of being pregnant when you have your period. For as long as I recall, if you have your period, you’re not pregnant. May I ask …What makes you think you ARE pregnant? And what kind of symptoms are you having? This may be something else and maybe you should consider going to your doctor to see what the problem is. I would suggest, that if you are going to take a test anyway, take it anytime, but not while you are bleeding.

Answer #3

You can not technically have your period and be pregnant but you can bleed. Wait a week or two and than take the test if you are still worried.

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