When my flatscreen tv loses power suddenly Will it be damaged?

The outlet that my tv is plugged into is controlled by a switch on the wall. If I use the switch to turn off everything (cable box, dvd, wii, etc) to save power, and my tv is on ‘’standby’’ would it be damaged eventually by doing this ?

Answer #1

you could potentially blow a pixil on your screen… but thats more if you flip the switch on and off several times in a short period of time. you should be fine dont flicker the switch though

Answer #2

There won’t be any problem with the switch cutting the power on and off to your tv. It will save you some electricity costs to use the switch even if your tv is in standby, minimal however. As stated in previous answer, it wouldn’t be smart to needlessly flicker the switch. As far as a dead pixel… you might accelerate some existing flaw in the screen but it would have happened eventually anyway.

Answer #3

I don’t happen to leave things on standby, will it damage your tv? I don’t think so, standby mode usually keeps the electricity circulating at a below stable level. Now for switching everything off via one switch, that may be a tiny problem. I think thats the likely reason why things have an ‘’off’’ button in the first place, to prevent damaging. What type of damage is happening? I’m not too sure of. I can take a hypothesis and say that the circulation of electricity is abruptly ended therefore it might damage the sequencing of things. If you want an example, take a computer, do you shut it off with the power button when 10 programs are running? Most likely no, it might damage the computer.

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