Hook up laptop to HDMI TV

What cable do I need to hook up a Dell Inspiron laptop to a Flatscreeen HDMI TV to do power point presentations?

Answer #1

It depends on what connectors you have on your dell laptop.

Some of the newer models actually have a HDMI output port to connect to a HDTV. However most have a external VGA port for external monitors. And some have a S-video port along with the VGA port.

I suggest looking at what ports you have, then if you have an S-video port, use a s-video cable or you can get a VGA-to-RGB cable and hook it up to your HDTV. It won’t be Hi-Def, but at least it will be a Huge screen. In order to view your pc in Hi-Def you need a Hi-Def output from your laptop.

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