When is the right time to kiss my girlfriend?

I want to kiss my girlfriend but dont know when is a good time to do so.. First kiss as well.. Dont want to do the wrong thing. Help me :)

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all right im a guy I think these girls are wrong just be your self man, when it happens you and your girl will know when to man, the first thing you don't want to do is tong, don't give any saliva action going tried totall turn off man, the best way for pratice is... your going to laugh but use your hand, it actually works and trust me I've tried it

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alright I just recently had my 1st kiss as well. and im a girl but he was supper nervous. and so was I. I had butterflys the whole time. but kissing just kinda happens. no biggy. alright hope it helps. :)

my first kiss with a girlfriend
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first you should be alone when you do it there will be a less chance of you being nervous and messing up with everyone watching. you should tell her you wanna kiss her.(dont worry shell probably say she wants to too). so shell be ready for it when you do kiss. and kissing just comes naturally. (:
- hope I helped

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