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How do I know when the time is right to kiss her?

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Me and this girl met like 2 days ago. Met at a dance. ( had a romantic night). So today before 1st hour. She came up ect. Ect. We was in the basement ( not what it sound like it a classroom down there it her 1st hour we was just waiting on it to start). We barly talking but we would be holding hands in the air or ill be holding her really close to me. But I find it hard to look down at her into her eyes. But yet I want to. (complex). And today I turned my head for a second and turned back and she was closer ( I was holding her close already). And out of reflex I pulled my head back ( bad move). But I don't know when I should try to kiss her. As far as I know we not dating even tho we seem like we are?. Help?