When is it okay to cheat??

I’ve been with my boyfriend for like 2 and a half months and I have been broken up with my ex for over a year. Both of them know that when it rains… I want to have sex. My ex still calls me when it rains. My current boyfriend doesnt call me or even answer the phone when I call him… so is it okay for me to have sex with my ex boyfriend because my current boyfriend is neglecting me??

Answer #1

never cheat! But I have to say I’m with you on the sex when it rains I love it.

Answer #2

I agree with xscenequeenxx

Answer #3

its never right to cheat no matter the circumstances (well unless your life is on the line…which I highly doubt)

Answer #4

Never ok to cheat ever.

Answer #5

If you cheat, then your a wh*re.

Answer #6

Nope. It should be one or the other.

Answer #7

no its never okay 2 cheat

Answer #8

never cheat

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Answer #10

I personally think cheating is wrong in all formats but you should talk to the current boyfriend & ask why he doesn’t ever call you or answer your calls. Does he neglect you because he wants to take it slow or not interested in sex?? Or is he not around the phone much??

Answer #11

I dont know… sometimes I dont think he likes sex. But he just lost his job and he be busy a lot trying to make sure he get his bills paid… he neglects me for that reason. I have no idea why he cant answer his phone though… or even take a second to send a text to tell me he’s busy. He calls me sometimes, on days when he’s less busy he calls me all day. I know he always has his phone on him.

But gosh! Its never okay!?!?! What if he doenst have sex with me for like a month or two??

Answer #12

no if you want your ex back you should get back with him but you need to remember that it doesnt rain everynight so dont ruin your relationship over a little wet sex.tell your boyfriend how you feel the next time you talk to him communication is everything.

Answer #13

I’d say it’s never okay to cheat, so no. Sure, there are “open relationships”, I don’t mind those at all, but if it is behind the back of your boyfriend - and with your ex of all people - that’s definitely not okay.

In my opinion, going behind the back of the person you are with is never a very… honourable way to do things.

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