When is a good age to start...Doing stuff ?

I am 13 years old and I am getting into the mood of masturbating… I was wondering if that is really a normal age… I’ve been doing stuff with one of my friends. He is a boy and we dont do anything bad. We just like, make-out and I let him touch my chest but THAT IS ALL. I was wondering if that is okay or if I should stop.

Answer #1

if your ready your ready, you will be ready when you have no regreats or doubt in your mind that its somthing that you want to do

Answer #2

I think its ok… but just dont go all the way till your marryed… my friend lost it, and shes told me… word for word… “losing it now has been the wort decition I’ve ever made”

Answer #3

lol.. dats too young. its your life so you make da decisions.. but that is indeed a bit too early for this kind of stuff

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