When would be a good time to start bcp?

So; I have irregular periods to begin with. For the past year I have had extremely weird periods..I am 17 then I was 16. So I had periods about every 3 months.

I was not sexually active until This past September.

The doctor prescribed me my Birth control pills; back in August and told me to start when I had my next period.. I still haven’t had it. The first time I had sex we used a condom. The second time I had sex we didn’t. This time was 2 weeks ago exactly. It was like less than 2 minutes tho..it hurt so bad so I had to tell him to stop.

I have taken a pregnancy test. It came out negative. I will be taking another one just to make sure.

How long should I wait to take a second pregnancy test?

I really want to start my Birth Control pills..When should I start…Would it hurt if I started before my period??

Answer #1

with irregular periods it is harder to tell when to get the preg test, I’d wait a month after the day you had sex

as he didn’t cum inside you, there’s a much lower chance of pregnancy, but it’s still likely.

good luck babe

Answer #2

Did you tell your doctor about your irregular periods? They usually give birth control pills like triphasil to woman with irregular periods because you can start them as the pack indicates.

I suggest that you go back to your doctor or phone him and explain to him that you haven’t had a period yet and you don’t know how to proceed.

Pregnancy tests should generally be taken 2-3 weeks after having sex, and the best time is to take them in the morning. I suggest to wait another week or so and then take the next one.

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