How to know if breasts have stopped growing?

Is there any sign that they stop growing? Because I want to know if mine already stopped or what. Because about two years ago they were an a, then it stayed an a for two years, now they are a b, and I want to know if its going to be a b for two years or is that how big they are going to be? Yeah and im like 15..

Answer #1

yeah um nahh they will probably grow quicker the older your r , 1 was a for 2 yyears then I went from a b to a c in 10 months and im 15 turst me them growing fast aint so gd I have stretch marks lol

Answer #2

Your still really young, usually women’s bodies dont stop maturing until they are in their late teens, early 20’s.

Answer #3

Some women still grow well into their 20s..

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