When can I change my lip ring?

I know it’s way to early to switch my lip ring now. I just got it done about a week ago. But about how long after I got it pierced would it be ok to take it out and put a new labret in?

Answer #1

my piercer told me to get a smaller bar in two weeks when im not swollen and I did but id say after a month I wasnt swollen at all anymore. wait at least a month or go back to the piercer to put in a smaller bar.

Answer #2

4-6weeks is bad, it’s steal healing then.

I wait 2 months before changing mine, cause thats when they should be fully healed.

Answer #3

4 to 6 weeks

Answer #4

I have snakebites, but I got one at a time. My first one I waited four months before changing it, and it has always been perfectly fine, but my newer one I changed after only a week and it’s gotten infected twice. I suggest waiting awhile. Maybe wait for three to four months before changing it. Infections HURT xD Goodluck =3 ~Britt xx

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