When a guy puts his hand high up on your leg, what does that mean?

That really says it all, but then how should I react if I think hes hot and I like him...guys what would you want a girl 2 do in that situation? Guys and girls opinions plzz thnx, xxx

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Uh huh.. honestly, he's into you. Yeah either that or he wants to have sex with you. Which I think if you're a nice girl you shouldn't sleep with him just because he touched your leg.

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He wants sex... you're only 14...
If you like him and dont want to embarass him just smack his hand lightly and make a joke of it, change the subject, but basically make it clear you're not just going to give him what he wants...

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it means he wants to f*ck u.. but if he does it again and you like it than say something dont just sit there like a retard and not say anyhting.. like I did

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well we in the same boat there because there's this boy who I have a realy bad crush on and I told a friend that I liked him and she told him, so he knows and we where sat in the same room and he kept looking at me and then he moved over next to me and put his hand on my leg and moved it up further than what it was. what does it actually mean?

maby he likes me in secret and doesnt want any 1 to know or he could just bee leading me on so maby he realy likes you or he could just be leading you on

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It means he's into you. Don't freak out if he does that but don't let him go to far either.

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