What does he mean by putting his hand there?

today my boyfriend, put his hand between my legs, close to my vagina. What does he mean when he does that? He's also grabbed my boob because he was sitting in a desk at school, and I was sitting with my back torwards him, and I was laying on him, so he hugged me and had his hand on my tummy, then he would rub his hand along my side next to my boob and squeeze it then move his hand back down to my tummy and so on. What does he want to do?

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Hey, this means he wants to do sexual things with you. If you don't know what these sexual things are, fun mail me. This means he sexually attracted to you. Needs a young boy and he has a girl friend he wants to touch all over. This doesn't mean he wants to just straight to sex like alegria said. It just means he wants a lil more than your pecks and hugs. If you are uncomfortable with anything he does please don't be afraid to tell him to stop or slow down. And if he actually cares about and respects you he will. Feel free to fun mail me. hope this helped <3

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IM guessing he wants to get really physical with you and have sexx. its just my guess.

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