Do guys always get turned on when a girl sits on his lap?

does he deffinitley get turned on or hard? like can a girl just siit on a guys lap as friends and nothing happen?

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I think it all depends on how the guy feels about the girl. If the guy only likes the girl as a friend, its possible she could sit on her lap and nothing would happen. If she started jiggling around on his lap, that might be another matter. But if the guy liked the girl, even though they were just friends, if she was to sit on his lap and do nothing else you might still get a reaction. But a guy can try and restrain himself from a reaction happening if he tries hard enough too. So just sitting on a guys lap is not always going to get a guy aroused.

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well when a girl sat on my lap I didn't get hard/turned on because I was only thinking about my baby and I don't get turned on by anybody but her so if your in a relationship then being faithful will def help.

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probably not the best idea to sit on a guys lap... its like turning on a lamp.. you just need someone to flick the switch and its on

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>>>angelfire2708 what are you talking about thats not a bad question..

No, but coming from a girl who was obsessed with her ex and who asked numerous times about seducing a guy (and whose profile picture is THAT)... it doesn't take a genius to figure out what she was thinking when she posted this question.

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thanks guysss

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It happnes not allways but friequently. If you have a nice bottom and sit on a boy's lap, even if he is only a friend can be turned on by feeling you.

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That's not true. Not all guys would get hard. If the guy is a good friend and someone you've known for a long time chances are nothing will happen. a lot of guys would get hard though...unless an ugly person sat on them. But you're not ugly so a lot of guys might get hard.

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Why the hell would you sit on a guy's lap as friends?

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alright so they dont normally get hard, I just asked a guy soo yeahh

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agreed with xiigzag...

that's kinda slutish...
I worry about some of your questions dearest.

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im sure "something" is happening, even if your just friends, its still a male's natural reaction!

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yeah I agree with KOOLED man...

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angelfire2708 what are you talking about thats not a bad question..

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Questions like this, just need to be kept to ones self!

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Well, if you ask me I would say some do some don't like when I'm with my boyfriend I sit inhis lap and he automatically gets turned on so its kind've common so the answer is probably is 70% yes and 30% no.:(
stay fabulous,
Mariella Isabella Amanna;)

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Darling, it depends.
1. If you sit on his lap, too close to his penis, or even ON his penis, if he was focusing in that sensation you gave, then it would definitely turn him on la no matter what kind of feeling he has developed on you. And you can feel something harden down there pushing through your panties.
2. If you are making moves on his lap. Like moving forward and backward, he might like that sensation and be turn on because thats what pounding moves are.
3. If you sit on his lap, facing him and doing things that can turn him on like being flirty to him, or running your fingers through his face, hair, and body, he would possibly be turned on.
4. If you only sit on his lap (at the edge of his knees) and doing nothing and he doesnt develop anykind of feelings toward you then he wouldnt feel anything.
5. But if he's attracted to you. No matter what you do, he would be turned on even when you were only smiling at him.

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