What's your favorite childhood memory?

Tehe, I dont know, mine…I am still young…and I have lots of favorite memories so…whats yours?

Answer #1

I have so many great memories, I can’t choose just one. Although one of my favorites was meeting my great grandparents.

Answer #2

my moments were spent out in the backyard where the trees are overgrown, pretending to be a fairy.. lol I loved it when no-one knew where I was.. weird.. little me.. ahha!

Answer #3

Going to the beach one day with my mum and a man who lived down our street. He was a really nice man, almost like a grandfather to me, and I used to love talking to him.

Answer #4

When I was like 8 or something me, my mom and my sister went to the mall, this was around christmas time. We entered a store and I saw this really really cool barbie doll (one where you can cut and style her hair and change her clothes and shoes and whatnot) and I was like ‘mommy, mommy, can I have this doll please please?’ I begged and begged but she was like “No, I can’t afford it besides you have enough dolls already’. (It cost like $200 Trinidad and Tobago currency)…When she said no I was like so crushed because I wanted the doll soo bad. So we eventually left the store and went about on other errands. Btw christmas day was like 3 days away or something. So I was fine no doll ok then..Then on Christmas day surprise surprise I found out that she really did buy the doll for me…When I got my gift I was the happiest little girl alive you would not believe :)

Answer #5

Sitting in the very top of the huge pine tree we had in the front yard. I’d bring books and snacks up there and stay all day.

Answer #6

first kiss you?

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