Whats your favorite thing to do with your girlfriend or boyfriend?

so Im really bored. I’m 15 and I’ll be 16 in 20 days. I’m in love with my boyfriend. he is so amazing. I’m just wondering whats your favorite thing to do with your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s mines to cuddle!

Answer #1

I like to talk to her, we share some sexy secrets and we talk dirty each other, is cool.

Answer #2

Blowjob sorry to ruin the lovy dovy but I get weak in the knees when she’s on her knees

Answer #3

I love when my boyfriend holds me really tight in his arms and while doing that we like making out.

Answer #4

Well I just love talking to him I love hearing his voice it makes me feel so safe and just sharing important moments with him and talking to him about our future I love him soo much!

Answer #5

I love just being in his arms and kissing him…they both make me feel so loved and safe

Answer #6

SEX!!! lol

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