What's your favorite animal?

I know its a stupid question but I’m curious.

Answer #1

Doggie :-) (Border Collie)

Answer #2

WEENER GODS ARE HILARIOUS! They are God’s little practical joke…

Dogs are man’s best friend…

little rabbit is a vibrator…lolololol

Answer #3

a horse. definantly

Answer #4

I like little things like hamsters and rats because there easy to look after and are really adorable ^ w ^

Answer #5

I like all animals!!! ^_^

Answer #6

cats hamsters & dogs xx

Answer #7

I have a weener DOG named tinkerbell!

Answer #8

little rabbit…no coment.!

Answer #9

Dogs and dolphin.They are just too adorable.^^

Answer #10

Manta Ray, They are just so quite, and they filter feed, so pour in a bag of algee, and there you go, also they’re just cool, they entertain them selfs. Perfect pet, either that or a monkey, wait… never mind, my brother meet those requirements.

Answer #11

Tiger snakes, and a close second comes dogs. Or monkeys. Or horses. Probably dogs though… Btw, it’s not a stupid question, because there are no stupid questions. Well, there are, but this comes nowhere near. Britz.

Answer #12

I like cats, but if I could have any animal that I wanted, I would have a MONKEY!!! I don’t know what kind though… just a furry cute one! :) What would you choose?

Answer #13

Cats are my favourite pets. To look at in nature, I like lizards best . Unfortunately, my cat catches lizards…

Answer #14


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