What is your favorite animal?

What is your favorite animal and why? And you MUST give a reason why that certain animal is your favorite. No one-word, boring answers that you people fill this site with!

Answer #1

I like dophins becasue they are smart and soo cute and pretty ;D

Answer #2

It’s a toss up between dogs and horses…

Dogs…because they are honest. They do what they do, because they are who they are. I love harnessing that intellect and directing it…obedience, tricks…as long as they are having fun…so am I.

Horses…because they are mind readers…when they hand you trust, it runs so deep, that they depend on you…a small human being, far less powerful than they, to protect them. They also have the unique ablity to suck all the “bad” out a soul, after a long day. Try grooming a horse after a crappy day, and see if you don’t walk away without a care.


Answer #3

I love Dolphins and parrots a lot Dolphins, cause when I see a dolphin, I dont know how, but on some way, it brings me happines, peace and equanimity. And they are soo cute too :) Parrots, cause … oh… I feel soo sad right now. Cause I hat a parrot, and he … :’( :’( … you know the rest… Rest in Peace He had brought me such a joy in my live. Ill always carry him in my heart !! :(

Answer #4

Pigs…no other reason except that I think they are really cute.

White tigers…they are beautiful and fierce, they can rip apart their enemies but are loyal to their own…

Answer #5

Dogs- because I think they really are man’s best friend. I could not imagine my life without having a dog. I have 3 right now and I just love their company, effection, and the comment they make to you.

Answer #6

LOL… I like wolves. They are the symbol of solitary strength and lonesome courage. They are seen as a very dangerouse animal and often misunderstood so much so they were hunted and killed out of fear even though their are no documented cases of wolves attacking humans.

Answer #7

Well snakes have fascinated me since childhood.I wish to become a snake wrangler like those on the National Geographic.I love their structure,their colors and most of all I’m fascinated by their venom.

Answer #8

dogs because they are sooo caring and kind if you treat them right they will protect you for ever also I’ve grown up wit dogs in my family sooo I love them I work wit all types of different weird animals haha but dogs definatey my fav!!

Answer #9

dolphins because they are so awesome and sharks are afraid or the bottle-nose!!!

Answer #10

I love deer as animals and sheep they are so calm and peaceful ! I love them♥

Answer #11

Now just wait a minute for WHY.

Answer #12

Cheetahs..I think they re beautiful! Facinating.. Phhh…what am I sayin! I love my dogs more!

Answer #13

(And I didnt meant anything by “you people”, just to clarify : )

Answer #14


Answer #15

Elephants, they are strong majestic creatures. They’re timid, but once fucked with are very short-tempered, which basically means they won’t put their rage fit on hold until they’ve destroyed, or killed something/someone. Hahaha.

Moose, wolves, alligators, pigs, and horses as well :)

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