Whats wrong with my cat?

My cat drools a lot like all il Do is lat it on my lap and it gets up five minutes later and im soaked Is this normal?

Answer #1

no, it’s not normal at all!!!
take her to the doctor as soon as possible!! I used to have 2 cats and 3 kittens, none of them used to drool!! I don’t think it’s normal! did you give her those shots that all cats should take? you know, the ones they take so that they don’t cause allergies for people, make sure she did just incase!! and take her to the doctor, and you have to go check on yourself too!! be carefull!! cats could kill with the sicknesses they bring to people!! I got allergies when my cat had her 3 kittens!! and now everytime I see a kitten, I stay in bed for 24 hours and a half!! ugh!! and I LOVE CATS!! so if you love cats, make sure your cat is healthy and YOU are healthy!! good luck!

Answer #2

I had a friend with an elderly cat who did this and you just had to put up with it. But I think she took it to the vet to check up that it was nothing serious - just getting old. You should definitely get it checked up.

Answer #3

I used to have a cat that did the same thing, and nothing was wrong with him.. but you might want to still go to the vet just to make sure.

Answer #4

They sometimes drool if they are poisioned or have an infection in their gums/teeth/mouth. Or he’s just happy. Take him to a vet to be sure though!!!

Answer #5

My cat only drooled like that when I brushed him…but it was amazing how MUCH spit that guy could form. He’s leave the couch drenched…

Take him to the vet just to make sure, but I think lots of cats drool when they are happy…


Answer #6

I guess the only reason I said rabies, is that the other day I was taking one of my dogs to the Vet and she was out in a truck doing something. Well as we (vet and I were walking back in, she said she thought they had rabies. I shudder at the thought.

I really don’t think that is the case with you cat. It is the season, I hope you cat is not an out door cat. But if this is something it has always done, I’m sure phrainne is right.

Answer #7

Vet, I hope she hasn’t got rabies?

Answer #8

Take your cat to the vet cause that is noy normal!

Answer #9

you should really take it to the vet!! that is sooo not normal!!!

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