What's wrong with my cat?

Well last night I heard strange nosies and later discovered it was my cat. It sounded like the noise a dog makes when its ripping apart a toy. I turned the lights on and seen my cat right where my chair was and he was laying on the floor but running and he was making that sound and he wouldn’t wake up when I’d move him. I got scared so I moved him at least a meter away and his back legs stopped moving but his front kept going. He then woke up and looked around and he didn’t remember anything. I held him but he was scared. He was out of breath and he was sweating and drooling. He later took a poo in my sisters landury box.

I’m guessing he was dreaming of someone chasing him?

My question is, whats wrong with my cat?

Thank you so much.

Answer #1

could be a bad dream like others have mentioned, he also could have gotten into some catnip that was growing around your house maybe? could have been a seizure also.

hope this helps

Answer #2

well it was like 11 days ago now so hes fine but thanks anyway.

Answer #3

Sounds like he had a bad dream. My dog sometimes cries in her dreams and it sounds like she is being attacked. Just leave him he’ll wake up on his own.

Answer #4

I don’t know but it could be a dodgy functoin ??

Answer #5

Sounds like he was having a bad dream!!

Answer #6

was it like growlin girl my cats does that that mean they are playnin rough or they really want the toy

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