Whats the word used for when someones writing is so messy that you cant read what it says?

Answer #1

bad handwriting i think… but i did look at oxford and they say something called dyspraxia causes difficulty in coordination and movement.

through out history most of the most famous geniuses [einstein etc] have all had bad handwriting.

Answer #2


Answer #3

Doctor in the making

I think Samantha is right, it would be illegible.

Answer #4

Haha, yeah doctor in the making, I’m expertised at playing doctors and nurses :-P Sadly, I bombed when I finished year 12, didn’t even get the scores to get into the universities I wanted.

Answer #5

Oops my expertise

Answer #6

i think some people call it “chicken scratch”

Answer #7

Yeah, I do believe it’s illedgible

Answer #8

It can alos be indecipherable

Answer #9


Answer #10

LOL, wish the EDIT button was created. Most of us, do not even read what we type before we hit “submit”

Answer #11

Agreed. Previously it was alot easier for me. I type pretty fast, so now I miss a lot of stupid mistakes.

Answer #12

i agree…i wish there was an edit button where you can go back & change your little errors bcz i too type fast & have a tendency of just submitting rather then reading what I type then only after wards find little spelling errors saying thry instead of they…or cna instead of can and so forth…:(

Oh well, we are only human, right…our brain seems to work faster then we can type…:P

Answer #13

As for poor hand writing…I think we used to all it…scribble…:P

All doctors, lawyers, professors, and so on have that same scribble…i think its because they had to write fast in school so that they wouldnt forget anything said in class…so they got used to writing that way (poor excuse if ya ask me) :P

Answer #14

Errr, see what I mean…I typed “all” instead of “call” when i typed: “I think we used to call it scribble!” :P

Answer #15

scribbles, chicken scratch, bad hand writing, illegible….

Answer #16

Illedgable or something :S

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