whats the best video editing software to make pro videos?

Answer #1

i only use 2.. videopad and camtasia studio.#

tha later is very expensive at neally £250 which is around $400.

is money an issue?

Answer #2

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Answer #3

no money isnt an issue i thought sony vegas pro 10 is good? i paid like 600 bucks for it

Answer #4

never used it… to be honest i wouldnt pay that amount for summet but you cant really fault much of sonys stuff.

Answer #5

i checked some tutorials and u can make those noise intro like an intro with music and lighting inside the intro

i jus got to get use to the program

Answer #6

Honestly the best video editor is the one that does all you need it to. Personally the most powerful available that i know of would be Avid- it is pretty expensive at $2200, but well worth it.

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