Whats your favorite car?

what is your favorite car?
what car would you take if it was free?

Answer #1

I like the new corvettes. and a bright blue shade :) either that or a lambo. that would be fun 2. o! and the new cameros. my truck was actually free and its pretty nice it’s a ford danger ranger 2001 I think? its an edge 2.

Answer #2

Any American or Australian car - just because I’ve never seen one before (cept for Fords). I live in Asia

Answer #3

I LOVE a 69 mach 1 mustang! thats my weak spot. I LOVE the older classic camaros… and I really want a jacked up truck. and hell ill take any american muscle car(older models) in a heart beat if its free

Answer #4

Lamborgini….I love the upward opening feature of the lambo doors

One day I want to modify my car and make it just like a lambo.

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