Whats up with income taxes

I want my paycheck all of it but before I even can get it I lose like 40% to taxes. Im not a wealthy person so it makes no sense to me for me to lose so much. I look at some of the taxes social security,medicare,disabilities federal and other junk.

   Im all for a world where everyone is equil and no more rich snobs but seriously using taxs to accomplish this just seems to hurt everyone and eventuall make the poor poorer the middle class go to poor class but I remind you this the rich are still going to be rich even if they paid 100% tax most of my taxs go to stuff ill probably never use or can use. Im not a republican but I do appreciate tax cuts well thats my view on it.

Why do you think income taxes are ok?

Do you think its good for one group to take advantage of another group? (whenever I hear redistribution or tax the rich this is what comes to my mind)

Would you support the Idea of no income taxes?

Answer #1

well, the whole idea of income taxes isn’t stupid. however, they need to decrease taxes for us middle class people. why raise taxes on us when the wealthy have the money to pay them? they waste their money on stuff that is just ridiculous. we have families to feed! well, I don’t but I’m trying to start my own life. the income tax on healthcare IS outrageous; I’ll say that. That’s why I’m glad Obama won; he promised tax cuts for the middle class. I just hope he keeps his promise.

Answer #2

Well, without income taxes the government wouldn’t have enough money to fund unnecessary wars, or play policeman for the world, or subsidize sugar farmers to help keep sugar prices high, or bailout billionaires who made risky investments, or lock people up for life for smoking pot, or implement illegal wire tapping schemes, or fund multi-generational welfare programs that marginalize 5-10% of the population…

Don’t you want those things!?

Answer #3

? /its stupid!/# ?

Answer #4

We pay enough taxes now, much of which is hidden - we’ll have to see what happens next year.

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