What's the screen name of the computer robot on aim?

Is it smart kid
Its a screen name of an automatic robot that responds to you
Nayone know it??? Helppp

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I thougt it was smarterchild. I have him on my msn.

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Try SexForecast

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There are a number of them it depends on what subject youre looking for
ShoppingBuddy (shop online)
Prof Gilzot (tech help I believe)
WSJ (wall street journal)
Liv Greene (ecosystem stuff)
GossipinGabby (gossip)
those are just a few I've gotten rid of other ones cause I dont have anymore room on my bl lol but yeah those are some of them

what is the robots name on aim
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you mean smarterchild


theres also spleak.

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it's SmarterChild

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santa clause and cupid are some more

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