How can i lose a lot of weight fast?

I need to lose about 40lbs in less than 2 months. What is the best way?

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You won't be able to do it in a healthy way, but that wasn't your question so I'll give you the best advice I can.

Cut down on carbohydrates and excercise about one to two hours a day. Don't take any of the fat burning pills because they just give you energy. You mind is the best energy and that's all you need. Just remember everyday the reason why you want to lose the weight and that can be your motivation. Try to limit portions on meals and cut down on snacking. Try very hard not to eat any sugar, because taste only lasts a few seconds and you'll be craving it soon after. Plus, the energy you gain from it will crash in a matter of a few hours. For more information and advice, ask you doctor because they know a lot more on the subject than I do and they'll tell you about all the health risks there are in rapid weight loss.

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i know i'm probably a bit late with this answer, and i agree with people that its unhealthy to lose that much weight in less than 2 months, however, if you really want to, cut out carbohydrates completely, and eat only "negative calorie" foods during the day (search google or something for a list of them, they're things like brocolli, lettuce etc) and have a normal meal (but still without carbs) at night. stick to chicken or fish and avoid red meats as they are higher in fat a lot of the time. make sure the chicken and fish aren't smoked or anything though. Then make sure you're doing at least 30-mins - an hour intense exercise a day, and if you really want to speed up your weightloss, do some weights, but only with supervision if you haven't done them before, as you can really screw up your muscles. Hope this helps! good luck, but remember the BEST way to lose weight is to be patient and just eat healthy and exercise, that will give you long term results. If you screw up don't be disheartened, just start again the next day! :)

How can I lose weight fast?

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Don't wear the wrestling jumpsuits. All four of my brothers ussed them to knock off weight, but they couldn't drink water untli they weighed in. The weight you lose with those is only water weight. As soon as you drink, you gain it all back. I suggest dieting and exercising. Most people think dieting is misery, but I'm on a diet and have been for about a month. I just eat only the serving suggestion on food. Also, I only eat 1200 calories a day and I exercise. I feel great!

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losing 40 pounds in two months isn' healthy. it can damage the body. most of the weight you will lose will be water weight. which means the minute that you stop doing whatever diet you were doing you will only gain the weight right back. the healthiest way to lose weight is with prpoer diet and exercise. the healthiest weight that you should be losing is 1 pound per week. whatever you have to do in two months shouldn't be more important than your health.

How can I lose weight fast

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It is really hard on the body, but you could use a sweat suit in conjunction with 'whoopsies222' advice. Wrestlers use a suit that is sort of like an oven bag or a pizza delivery bag that helps you sweat off weight in an extreme manner. This can be quite bad for your health though and you should definitely have someone watching you in whatever you plan on. Make sure that you keep hydrated.

How do I lose weight fast?

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