Whats the best prank you pulled?

Whats the best prank you pulled?

Answer #1

ha ha, I got a good one. I called up my good buddy and asked him if he wanted to rob a bank with me. He thought I was just messin around and said ya. So we go into town and im talking it up the whole time, we reach the bank and I go in. I had a financial aid check worth 2 thousand dollars that I cashed. I left the bank and ran back to my car, I hop in, toss him the 2 thousand dollars and yelled for him to count it and took off like a bat out of hell. he’s shtin his pants as he’s counting the money, and this was just awsome. There must have been an ambulance near by because we heard sirens, so now he;s really shting his pants. who comes out of a bank with 2 grand after saying they’re going to rob it and just toss you the money and tell you to count it, very believable. I just kept sayin “ I told you one day I would fckin snap man, I fckin told you”. And I held the prank for about 10 minutes too, lol. The awsome thing was that he was with me too, he completely believed me and he didn’t bail out, thats a true friend.

Answer #2

when me and my best friend put shaving cream,this blue stuff that wore off in like a week,nail polish and makeup on our brothers whene they were sleeping. but the funniest part was they had to go to church that morning and they had glitter, nail polish and makeup on.

Answer #3

slipped vodka in someones orange juice who was never drunk before we watched him play video games and he didn’t know why he was doing so bad! it was the first time he ever got drunk so he didn’t notice lol it was beautiful

Answer #4

while I had gone for a camp we all friends dirtied my friends face we apllied tooth paste it was’DAM GOOD’

Answer #5

I put seran wrap on the toilet seat and some one pissed every where when they used the bath room

Answer #6

foxxy thats funny ! :x

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