What's the best spec for my Mage on WoW?

ok, I have a 64 arcane mage, what is the best spec I have tried frost till level 58, I was fire before that but noone wanted to instance with me, and arcane people shrug at you, whats a girl to do?

Answer #1

well yeah but I kinda figured that since this is about gaming and games that I might get a different perspective than from my guildies, so apathic without sounding rude go take a stun gun to yourself and yet again I ask you to stop trolling, your embarassing yourself…again…sigh

Answer #2


Answer #3


Answer #4

Walks in and fires a few Pink Fluffy Bunnies at apathic

No need to get nasty because you don’t understand a question, apathic.

Answer #5

huh? I am so confused!

Answer #6

stop trolling and being rude

Answer #7

no need to be rude

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