Whats the best lil wayne song?

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I like prom queen, like you like a lolli pop, mr. Cater and many more but out of the ones I listed I have t say mr.cater

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3 Peat or I've been lonely:)

What are some good lil wayne songs?

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3 peat. or Mr.Carter.

Lil wayne or lil boosie?
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the game ft lil wayne - lyrical homicide

Prom Queen Lil Wayne

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Every girl ;]

Did Anyone hear Lil' Wayne's new song?
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I like prom queen ! :]

Lollipop by lil wayne what do you think about the song?

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"famous" is a pretty insane freestyle. he got high as fuckkk and freestyled.

other then that, good ones to have in your library are:
3 peat
let the beat build
beat without bass (feat dipset)
dipset 2 (off drought 3)
steady mobbbin
ak47 (feat mack maine)
ask them hoes
brand new (not the lyfe jennings feat lil wayne, the only lil wayne from drought is over pt. 4)
burn the city
I feel like dying

I don't know.. I got tooo many lil wayne songs, I try to get as many songs from as many artists as I can and igot about 800 lil wayne songs.

What are the best lil wayne songs? or any rap songs?

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