A site to see movies that aren t out yet

its a site where you see all these movies that arent out
the site is like

allucanc.net or soemthing
I have no ideaaa but its not working
can someone help me :)

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viewing a movie, as yet unreleased, on a website without the permission of the production company and paying the proper fees is STEALING! it is stealing from the writer, director, actors, production crew etc. I would hope that anyone on this site would not want to break the law and participate in illegal acts. this goes for music also.

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there are people out there who make quite a good living by sneaking as yet unreleased films to the public. but I am sure that you already knew that.
my answer was not defensive, just factual. actually your responses were more on the defensive side. to quote shakespeare "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."
but all is cool.

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tricky! I am sure that moni didn't mean to steal anything as well as I! For pity sakes! What I was wanting was a site that had free TV and Trailors of new movies that have not come out yet! Sheesh!

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tricky, we ALL know it is illegal so you don't have to tell us. If you can read between the lines you'd KNOW that there is no such web site that puts out new movies that have not been introduced into main stream public for viewing in theaters and such. That is why I KNOW that monicasi meant to say 'TRAILORS'!

NOTICE that when kiasu pointed out this may be illegal, did you notice it was respectful? Your comment was accusing, not respectful at all! You judged us.

You really don't need to get so defensive.

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A site to see movies that aren't out yet?

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When you find out, let me know too. :)

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