Whats "in style" for a 10th grader (15/16yr old) boy?

My younger brother’s birthday is coming up and the poor boy needs some cloths that aren’t too big handy-me-downs. But I didn’t even know what was in style when I was in school, let alone now. Any suggestions?

Answer #1

try a polo and jeans with tennis shoes. it never gets old.

Answer #2

Plaid shirts, baggy skinny jeans, beanies.

Answer #3

Umm i havn’t seen any of those styles around my school….. Every guy at my school usally wears pants- baggy jeans, or skinny jeans (not as commen) dark wash shirts- usally just a normal graphic tee, or t-shirt shoes- vans, converses, sneakers, nikes accesories(yes they wear them)- one or two earrings(studs usally dimond or fake) studded belt, shark tooth necklace, occasionally rubber wrist bands. jacket- camo if your more southern, if your more townie then go for a dark red, black, royal blue, and usally a pattern such as stripped, plaid, or just a solid color with a symbol

Answer #4

At my high school guys wear skinny jeans, Plaid jackets or shirts/music Tees/V necks/ wife beaters, and beanies. As for shoes, they wear Vans. I’ll give you a picture to give you an idea. You should try shopping at Zumiez, Pac Sun, or Spencers. All of the stores are online.

Answer #5

Skiniis babeyy ! And them snapbacks (:

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