What's the stupidest show you have ever seen?

Answer #1


Answer #2

Keeping Up With The Kardasians. The reasoning is self explanitory.

Answer #3

ya that is pretty stupid

Answer #4


Answer #5

Any show on disney channel these days… I don’t see how kids enjoy them at all! Except Good luck Charlie… Yes, i’m sixteen and i watch good luck charlie cause it’s cute(:

Answer #6

i also love good luck charlie, i think austin and allie is the worst, my little sis is watching it rite now:(

Answer #7

Most of the shows on adult swim Aqua teen hunger force,sqidbillies,metalocalypse or whatever like those shows are so dumb!!And basically everything on disney.

Answer #8


Answer #9

That American satire about the lunatic news/current events presenters, we get here in Britain too, the 24 hour thing, oh, yes Fox News, that’s the one.

Answer #10

Adventures Time!!!

Answer #11

Love & Hip-Hop, Mama Drama, Keeping Up with the Kardasians, Everything on Diseny Channel,Sqidbillies,Metalocalypse,Lizard Lick Towwing, Fox News

Answer #12

The Only Way is Essex… ¬_¬

Answer #13

OMG! I hate that show… And ant farm!

Answer #14

I love the KDash’s(:

Answer #15

Yess all the VH1 shows-_-

Answer #16

The Australian version of “Big Brother”. Someone once said that any channel showing this program should lose their liccence. I agree.

Answer #17

ant farm is ok, austin and all is so stupidly dumb, ecspecialy dez> ugggg

Answer #18

omg one of the stubidest shows ever! girls my age think thats the best show ever and i hate it cause thats all they ever talk about!!!!!!

Answer #19

It doesn’t come on anymore, but that All American Muslim show. Also that Sister Wives show. Hate ‘em both.

Answer #20

Fake plastic people shows!!! Omg! Like Jersey Shore, Sixteen and Pregnant, Super Sweet Sixteen, Kardashians, The Hills, Laguna Beach or any show that glorifies the pseudo happiness that external things like money, clothing, cars, dr.ugs, alcohol and sex brings and does not really contributes anything to society but waste your time or make gullible teenagers think that they are ugly and poor because everybody in the show it’s so beautiful and would make them think that’s how things really are and they start imitating what those people do and dispise real people.

Answer #21

Children’s Hospital

Answer #22

*despise real people

Answer #23

Haley is right. I can’t stand most of the shows on Disney Channel anymore besides Good Luck Charlie. :p

Answer #24

Pee Wee’s playhouse, kardatians and teletubbies

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