What ever happened to the show "Fear Factor"?

I mean I ALWAYS watched it but I haven’t seen it on anymore…What happened?

Answer #1

the show got cancelled due to its low ratings :)

Answer #2

Dunno, but for some reason I was addicted to it, and it was gross some of the things they did

Answer #3

i used to love love love that show :)

Answer #4

Me to :-)

Answer #5


Answer #6

I use to watch that show all the time, loved it!

Answer #7

same here.. i miss the show so bad.. the eating of the worms and stuff! LOL! good times :)

Answer #8

do you have any fear factor video.. do you think they are on youtube :)

Answer #9

i think everyone loved it… i know that i miss it :) LOL!!

Answer #10

i loved that show

Answer #11

i loved that shpow

Answer #12

i loved that shpow

Answer #13

i loved that show

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