What's this school strike thing?

and are you out of school now cause of the strike?

Answer #1

School strike is basically Teachers are concerned about job security in the wake of a new program that evaluates them based on their students’ standardized test scores.which me being a liberal support,and idiots like Chicago Mayor Rahm “Deadfish” Emmanuel and his greedy crooked scheme of things don’t support,and also teacher health care

Answer #2

They aready make $70,000 a yr and turned down a 16% RAISE……yeah, their priority is the ‘Children’ ?

Answer #3

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Answer #4

I like the idea of a program that lets the schools throw out piss poor teachers - even if they have tenure.

Answer #5

The $70K is before benefits. Also, Chicago has a higher cost of living than many cities. According to an online cost of living calculator someone making $70K in Chicago would only have to earn $57K to enjoy the same standard of living I do. For a job that requires a bachelor’s degree, certification, and continuing education it isn’t a lot of money. If we want good teachers we need to pay them salarys that are at least in the ballpark of what they could make elsewhere. Teachers were asking for smaller class sizes which are better for kids and to get rid of merit raises based on standardized tests. We already have a problem of teachers spending all year preparing for tests instead of educating. Making their livelihood dependent on scores only makes it worse. My sister-in-law teaches at a school with a lot of single parent households, poverty, a culture learned helplessness, etc. Comparing her student’s scores to the scores of students on the rich side of town where parents have more resources only punishes her for working where she is needed most.

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