Whats the best thing to put put on my tattoo to keep moisturerized?

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The best is A&D ointment or a nonscentes lotion like lubriderm. Put it on everytime the tattoo feels dry and NEVER pick the scab.

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The scab is gone but now it looks all cracked like dry skin

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Thats normal, even thoough the scab is gone its still healing. The fact that it looks cracked is a bad sign though, its dried out. Get some A&D ointment, its found near diaper rash cream,...this will help your tattoo. If you dont do something soon it will continue to crack and scab and your color will come out.

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I used Vasoline...that's what they told me to use.


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Yeah, I asked my mom, she's a pediatrician she said Vaseline, Petroleum Jelly, Aquaphor or any other lubricant. Apply this often and it should work... Good Luck!

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