Answer #1

Labor and childbirth.

Answer #2

hahaa.thats what my mon said to.she said i was the worst.

Answer #3


Answer #4

Probably that one time I fell and tore up my knee or perhaps that time when I got rear ended and had to go the hospital for my head

Answer #5

Ummm my abscess was quite painful ..i was screaming in pain for days.

Answer #6

Childbirth, though at least you get the very very best gift in the world from that. : )

Other than that, i think when my jaw went completely out of alignment. The pain was horrible. (until the wonderful hospital gave my morphine)

Answer #7

When my ex dumped me-I had a broken heart and when I was crying I fell down the stairs and hurt my neck and spine =(

Answer #8

When i hit my nose on a raindeer decoration. It was made of metal.

Answer #9

Scratched my cornea. Ick.

Answer #10

When my dog bit my foot (it was by accident). I tried to kick a soccer ball and he raced up out of nowhere to steal it off me and missed it and sliced my foot open.

Answer #11


Answer #12

Different types of physical and mental, but they were all pretty bad.

Physical: Sigmoidoscopy was pretty bad. Opted out of lidocaine for a dental filling and that was 15 minutes of absolute torture. Had food poisoning and associated vertigo and an extreme worst ever headache that came with it, which was 2 days of extreme hell . Those were the worst, and I’ve been injured many many times (do lots of extreme sports), and none of those were as bad, though they looked brutal.

Mental: Loss of a loved one, either by death, or by breakup. Horrible emotional pain. Worst ever.

Answer #13

When I broke my leg and the bone came out and stuck in a car door, I also broke my arm and my hip in a few places. this is the worst pain I have felt.

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