Whats my body shape?

im planning on buying a bunch of new clothes, and I need to know how to dress my body type, but I don’t know my body type. heres my measurements::

Chest - 34 in. Waist-28 in. Hips-38 in.

So…where does that leave me? Thanks (:

Answer #1

thanks so much !!


Answer #2

seeems like what the other person said

Answer #3

thank you ! (:

Answer #4

I suck at picturing people but sounds like hourglass?

Pear: upper body is noticeably smaller than your lower body. Apple: upper body is noticeably larger than your lower body. Hourglass: You’re very curvy with a clearly defined waist. Rectangle: figure is straight up and down,you may have slight curves,but they’re not defined.

Maybe someone else will have a better answer for you, but once you do figure out your shape, here’s some tips for what clothes go with what shape http://www.shapeyourstyle.com/whatsyourshape.php

Answer #5

I have that body shape. my measurements are a lil smaller by like an inch but yeah. I just wear this. its perfect ok? um…pencil skirts, tight fiting shirts that show your sexy curves, I really reccomend skinny jeans because it’s perfect for da shape. and they make your butt look awesome! just look for somethin that really shows off your assets. if you have a curvy waist then get a tighter shirt to show them. chances are your in at least a d right? then I’d go for medium shirts. it seriously works. you will look amazing and you look like a really pretty girl so it’ll turn out good for you promise!! <3

Answer #6

um I have the same measurements! and I love to wear skinny jeans because it defines my curves! and I wear shirts that dont fit me like im dieing! I wear size small or medium!

Answer #7

Sounds like a pear shape I.e. Kate Hudson, Shakira, Beyonce.

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