How do you determine body shape?

I’m not sure what my body shape is. I have a b-cup(36 inches around under boobs), a 27-28 inch waist(it flucuates a lot), and my hips are my biggest part(38 inches) I can also see the bones,so I don’t have fat hips, they’re just big. My thighs are wide, but only touch at the top.My legs look like they taper, being big on the top getting thinner as you go down.They’re really slim past the knee. I also have a nice, juicy butt. I’m not sure If all that detail was necessary, but what shape am I? I want to know so I can look up what to wear with my shape. Thanks.

Answer #1

cool, but also remember that bell shapes have REALLY petite upper halves and most women tend to fall into the pear shaped body shape.

Answer #2

It says I could have a bell, or a pear shaped body. If my boobs were bigger I’d be an hourglass. I think I’m going with bell because my torso isn’t long.

Answer #3

It sounds to me like you are a pear shape. Like me, smaller at the top and have a large bottom and larger thighs.

Sites that may be of help:

Answer #4

I can fit into xs shirts, and I don’t have a long torso which seems to be the only difference in these articles.

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