Whats kissing really like?

Ok so this guy likes me and I really like him but I've never kissed a guy before and he has kissed heaps of girls before. Usually I would just tell him the truth but im older then him so I feel a little bit weird. So whats kissing really like? Is there any way of practising? And is it anything like kissing your hand? (you no for practise or something)

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well I was scared to kiss anyone I taught I was bad but I surprised myself I was really gud anyway you never know what your good at until you try its nothin like kissin your hand you should try kissin your palm it helps
best of luck

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I heard you can practic on your palm. if your toung tikles its good and if it is just wet then its bad.

also try tiein a cherry stem wit your toung!

would you kiss after oral?
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Kissing, Is a great thng. Just practice kissing the palm of your hand.. Then when your ready.. ull suprise him. You never know.

Good luck(=

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