Should i or should i not kiss the guy i like?

I have a crush and his name is Jon. And I just relized that I really really like him. The thing I dont know is if he likes me. And everyone tells me different answers. So I dont know who to believe. And I would go up to him and ask him myself but I am afraid of what he is going to say to me. And I am having a party this weekend. And some of my friends told me the only way to really know if Jon likes me is to kiss him at my party. Should I kiss him or not????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Pleaze help me I am so confused over Jon!!

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That'd be one way to find out. But I think a guy will kiss anybody who is willing. Why not take the direct route and ask him. If you are really afraid of what he might say, then maybe you really don't want to know.

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If u want to, its ur decision

Where do you like to be kissed??

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