Whats it like to be in love?

What is it like to be in love? I see people in love and I wonder will I ever find a guy that I will fall in love with… What does it feel like and when will you know when your love… and does anything prove that your in love or do people just say that to make a dramatic effest? Lol

Answer #1

well im in love with somebody right now but im not with him which sucks…being in love is not like you think…sumtimes you wont even know your in love because it dosent always have to be a boyfriend or girlfriend, it could be a friend you known for a while or sumbody you made love with and realize you have really deep feelings for that person…you will be in love when you least except and sometimes you will be in love with that person but they are not in love with you or you r not with that person which is why sometimes its not like you think but if you do fall in love with somebody who also loves you and your actually with the person then it will be very special and you’ll know how it feels because when your in love you feel comfortable around them and they make you smile even when your sad…thats what it feels like to be in love

Answer #2

Some people do say that to make people think they are really in love. But when your in love you will know, there’s this feeling that you can’t describe and when your with that person you feel complete. It’s really hard to define but when you have it you know, and you never want to let it go. There is no true way to prove that your in love only you and your boyfriend/girlfriend will know if you truely are.

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