I got my period yesterday

help! I got my period yesterday and I put in a tampon [a normal size one] and it was fine…I usually leve it in 4 a little longer than 8 hours but its usually fine! I but one in today and when I took it out there was all blood was on my underware!! Why is this my period is always normal!! please help xxx

Answer #1

your still very young my OBGYN told me a women’s cycle changes changes. your oka. I know what your going threw. keep track of when it comes and goes and your flow.

Answer #2

Firstly, leaving a tampon in for longer than 4-8 hours is NOT recommended. Doing so seriously increases your risk of TSS (toxic shock syndrome), which can be fatal. So if you do use tampons all the time, don’t go above the 8 hour mark. Try going below.

As for your period, Sam is right. Period flows can fluctuate. For added protection when using tampons, using a thin pantyliner works great. If your period becomes a problem, though, then talking to your doctor about it would be a good idea.

Answer #3

periods change every month. Since you are young, your period still isnt regular.

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