Whats going on inside my stomach at seven weeks?

I am 7 weeks pregnant, Im already showing but when I lay down my stomach goes flat

Is it just fat lol??x

Answer #1

Im almost 13 weeks (tomorrow) and I just look fat in my opinion.

Answer #2

You’re not actually “showing” at 7 weeks pregnant in the typical sense that a pregnant woman “shows”. :) You’re likely bloated as is incredibly common the first few weeks of pregnancy. Also, on the off chance that you are just incredibly thin and your slightly larger than normal uterus IS causing your abdomen to swell, the reason it goes down when you lay down is because your uterus is not a “fixed” organ. Although it’s not just floating around inside your abdomen, it does have quite a bit of freedom to tilt and strech. It can move around- and good thing too: you’ll need it to move as much as possible about 7 months from now. :) Gravity is in effect- even inside your body.

Answer #3

haha I’m almost 21 weeks pregnant…and somedays I feel cute and somedays I feel like a damn house, my husband loves it though but you’re not showing, it’s too soon, but we all like to think we start showing that soon :)

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