What's the difference between a cumulative GPA and a term GPA?

Which level should they both be at? I’m kind of confussed. My term GPA reads 3.8 While my comulative GPA reads 3.3 whats the difference?

Answer #1

like for my school it go by 6weeks and there are six six weeks in a school year. like a term GPA would be just for 1 six weeks at a time but a cumulative GPA is all of the six weeks combined. at the end of the school year your cumulative GPA will be averaged over the entire school year but your term GPA would be just for that final 6weeks of school

Answer #2

GPA for the term is the points for the grades for one semester. Acumulative is for your Grade Point Average over multiple semesters. My GPA for fall term was 3.25 but my acumulative GPA for the last three semester is 3.44 (which I intend to raise back up this semester).. :)

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