What is your favorite photo-editing site and why?

I have used Picasa, Picnik, and photobucket. Just curious as to what you guys prefer.

Answer #1

my fave is picnik:) because it has all my needs, and its free too? lol

Answer #2


Answer #3

FotoFlexer, just enough for what I need to do to some pictures.

Answer #4

I love Picasa and Picnik. Both offer a range of effects. They have excellent features.

Answer #5

Picnik because it is a really good free creative website.

Answer #6

splashup because its just like photoshop but its free

Answer #7

Definitely the best.

Answer #8

Paint.net. Its a free download.

Answer #9

yeah picasa and picnik :)

Answer #10

Picnik and Picasa :)

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